Professional training for agroforestry technicians - France

In what contexts can agroforestry be applied? What are the issues for a municipality or a territory?
The integration of trees into an agricultural system raises agronomic, technical, administrative, legislative and social questions. Agroforestry touches on several themes, with specific stakeholder games and issues.
Agroforestry can be a lever on a territory to meet several environmental challenges (water, biodiversity, climate, etc.). Understanding the basic agroecological functions of agroforestry systems in order to address these issues is a necessary prerequisite for any support process

Following the training, the participant will know :

  • Define the main principles of agroforestry
  • Choose the tools provided by Agroof for leading a group of farmers,
  • elected officials and technicians, around agroforestry projects in territories with high stakes
  • Explain how a project works
  • Identify the technical and scientific players in agroforestry

Practical information:

  • Distance learning: minimum duration 8 hours (this duration can be doubled according to the level of knowledge) - from 20 october 2023 - 6 months of access
  • Presential: duration 28 hours - from 21 to 24 november 2023
  • Registration deadline: 17/11/ 2023
  • Location: 19 rue du Luxembourg 30140 Anduze - SCOP Agroof training centre
  • Intervenants : Fabien Liagre, Daniele Ori and Valentin Laubriet - Expert trainers and advisors in agroforestry
  • Public: Technicians, advisors and facilitators - Limited to 12 people
  • Pre-requisite: to have a professional mission related to the agricultural field
  • Price: 1782 euros net of VAT (Possible financing via OPCO) - 4 lunches included
  • Specificities: Computer / tablet with internet connection and audio speakers / headphones

Download the programme and registration form