Monitoring biodiversity on agroforestry plots - France

Over the next three years, a variety of monitoring activities will be carried out in pilot sites in the Mediterranean context: monitoring of biodiversity (ornithological, pollinators, flora), monitoring of carbon sequestration, and monitoring of the microclimate of agroforestry plots. With the arrival of spring and the first flowers, our "Initiations Ornitho" specialists will travel around […]

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Third newsletter (April 2023) online

The third edition of the biannual newsletter AgroForAdapt is now available. In this issue we show the progress in the implementation of the project's demonstration agroforestry systems, the experimental monitoring protocols, the Community of Agroforestry Systems and Mixed Farming in Spanish and various conferences and trainings in which we have participated or are planning to […]

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Professional training for agroforestry technicians - France

In what contexts can agroforestry be applied? What are the issues for a municipality or a territory?The integration of trees into an agricultural system raises agronomic, technical, administrative, legislative and social questions. Agroforestry touches on several themes, with specific stakeholder games and issues.Agroforestry can be a lever on a territory to meet several environmental challenges […]

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