LIFE AgroForAdapt project (LIFE20 CCA/ES/001682; 10/2021 – 09/2026) is financed by the LIFE Programme of the European Union

Last news

  • Introducing AgroForAdapt’s monitoring protocols
    We have recently delivered the monitoring protocols that we are using to assess the effect of demonstrative agroforestry systems on multiple indicators and ecosystem services, especially those related to climate change adaptation capacity. We have emphasized: a) Productive aspects and carbon balance (action D2) b) Vulnerability to wildfires in forests where silvopastoralism is incorporated (D3) […]
  • Introducing the navigable viewer of AgroForAdapt demonstrative systems
    In this navigable viewer you can check the location, area and main features of the 77 demonstrative agroforestry systems of LIFE AgroForAdapt, totalling 857 ha. During the project we will add pictures and information on their evolution.
  • Training on silvopastoral systems
    On December 13th and 14th Tarragona Province Council, co-financing entity of LIFE AgroForAdapt, organizes in Reus town the training “Economic potential of silvopastoralism for sustainable forest management”. Further information in this link.
  • AgroForAdapt, back to the TV
    On November 15th we participated in “Fet a mida” program from the Catalan network of local TV channels. We introduced the concept and objectives of the agroforestry systems and various technologies applied in LIFE AgroForAdapt monitoring. The full vídeo is available in this link.
  • Life AgroForAdapt on TV
    In September 2022, various media echoed the second LIFE AgroForAdapt coordination meeting, held in Solsona (Lleida, Spain) on September 14 and 15, including a field visit. Here are the links to the short documentaries: Appearance in Canal Taronja. Appearance in TV3