LIFE AgroForAdapt project (LIFE20 CCA/ES/001682; 10/2021 – 09/2026) is financed by the LIFE Programme of the European Union

Last news

  • AgroForAdapt project: supporting Mediterranean forests in Brussels
    LIFE AgroForAdapt participates on May 31st, 2022 at the event “A step forward in Forest policy: the Mediterranean perspective”, together with other 7 LIFE projects related to Mediterranean forests. The aim is to raise the voice of the Mediterranean forest for its adequate consideration in European forest policy. Registration link HERE Downloadable Agenda HERE Link to the live […]
  • First issue of AgroForAdapt Newsletter
    Just released, the first edition of LIFE AgroForAdapt Newsletter. We introduce the project, its working areas, the first appearances in the media and the first ongoing actions. Please subscribe!
  • First meeting of the External Project Advisory Committee
    On March 30 we held, in webinar format, the first meeting with the project's advisory committee. This entity is composed of experts in the different subjects addressed in the project. In this first meeting we prioritized the presence of experts in the design and management of agroforestry systems, and in their monitoring based on multiple […]
  • We participate at the VI AgroForestry Week, ETSIIAA Palencia
    On March 22nd we participate in the workshop "Agroforestry Development Experiences & Rural Innovation", organised by Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenierías Agrarias of Palencia (University of Valladolid, Spain). The workshop can be attended online.
  • LIFE AgroForAdapt at La Vanguardia Newspaper
    The LIFE AgroForAdapt project has been mentioned in the first issue of 2022 of La Vanguardia newspaper (one of the top newspapers in Spain), with interventions by Jaime Coello (CTFC), Ander Achotegui (Fundació Emys) and Josep Maria Tusell, owner of one of the project's demonstrative silvoarable systems. Link to the publication