The project consists of 20 actions or work packages:

  • Three preparatory actions, in which we will finish defining the demonstrative systems
  • Nine implementation actions, including:
    • 3 actions to install and manage the demonstrative systems
    • 4 actions to develop new tools for technical, regulatory and commercial promotion of agroforestry systems
    • 2 actions to promote associationism and the replicability of these systems
  • Six monitoring actions, in which we assess the effects of the demonstrative systems on ecosystem services and indicators of adaptation to climate change
  • One communication action, in which we transfer to society in general, and to target audiences in particular, the interest of agroforestry systems and the results obtained in the implementation and monitoring activities
  • One management action, to guarantee that the project meets the technical objectives set, in addition to achieving effective administrative and financial management.

The following diagram shows how the relations between the main project actions: