Socio-economic monitoring of agroforestry projects

Charlotte Burel, an agricultural engineering student at ESA in Angers (France), is currently an intern at AGROOF as part of the European LIFE project: Agroforadapt.

One of her main tasks is to carry out socio-economic monitoring of the 28 French agroforestry projects included in the Life programme. The aim is to collect data on the productivity of these systems, both in terms of the woody stratum and the main crop. In addition, it will identify the health problems specific to each project and characterise the management put in place in connection with the introduction of the woody layer.

To carry out this task, interviews are conducted with the farmers involved in the project. Her work also involves highlighting the key points and management levers of these projects, and formalising them in the form of a summary report.

At the same time, another of her tasks is to monitor the agroforestry plantations. This involves recording information such as tree mortality, tree diameter and height, and the defects and conformation of trees intended for timber production.

We welcome her to the project.