Technical monitoring visit to the Domaine du Petit Saint-Jean - "Clos des lièvres" plot

Domaine du Petit Saint-Jean - Parcela "Clos des lièvres

On Thursday 23 November, Agroof carried out monitoring at the Domaine du Petit Saint-Jean in Saint-Laurent d'Aigouze in the Camargue. We measured the height of the plants and their circumference at 1.30 metres on the 'Clos des lièvres' plot and noted diseases.
This plot was planted in 2018 with the following objectives:

  • Produce timber
  • Create climatic protection, particularly from the sun
  • Develop biodiversity
  • Encourage the addition of organic matter to the soil
  • To experiment with different planting densities and the effects on the above objectives.

The species planted are mainly corm and pear trees, but there is also rosemary, laurel, buckthorn, myrtle and arbutus.

On the adjoining plot of vines, we took photographs with milestones to monitor the growth of the surrounding windbreaks.