Receipt of seedlings and planting material for the 2024 season

Since the beginning of January, the Agroof team has been taking delivery of seedlings and planting material for new agroforestry projects and also for some of last year's projects that suffered losses due to lack of water, frost or damage by wild animals.

The species include : Almond, Hawthorn, Wig tree, Judas tree, Hawthorn monogynous, Corsican alder, Azeroot, Holm oak, Etrurian honeysuckle, Sage-leaved rockrose, White rockrose, Blood dogwood, Coronilla emerus, Dog rose, Montpellier maple, Fig tree, Narrow-leaved filaria, Flowering ash, Broom broom, Slender-leaved thistle, Common laurel, Wild cherry, Hackberry, White mulberry, Common myrtle, Hybrid walnut, Beech elm, Resistant elm, White poplar, Black poplar, Wild pear, Wild apple, Rosemary, White willow, Common willow, Virginia tulip tree, Tin cherry.

These species are chosen according to the soil and climate conditions of the plots and the farmer's objectives: to produce timber or fodder, to develop arboriculture, to create biodiversity corridors, to protect from wind and sun, etc.