Planting at Mas du Sire - Quissac - France

At Mas du Sire, Porcqueno estate, on Wednesday 8 March, a team of planters joined the farmer, Caroline Barcelo, for the second phase of planting for the pigs of the Barons des Cévennes brand. Last year, we planted some 800 trees in hedgerows and in the paddocks for the whole farm.

This year, Caroline is developing a 1500 square metre nursery with 5 paddocks. 185 oak and fruit trees (arbutus, pistachio, plum, olive) are placed in hedges around each paddock and 8 isolated trees inside. The isolated trees must be protected with ursus fencing to prevent pig predation.

The interest of the species lies in their nutritive contribution for the pigs, the hedges will protect them from the wind and the intra-parcel trees from the sun.