Visit Arches Castriotes - Hérault (34) - France

On Thursday 14 September, we visited the "Les Arches Castriotes" agroforestry pilot site in Castries (Hérault), run by Yann FORTUNATO. Welcomed by Estelle Mougeot from Racines de France, Yann's associate, she shared the background and feedback from this young project, initiated and supported by AGROOF, BioGard and the Distillerie de Bel Air in 2018. The agroforestry systems have been installed on 5 hectares of clay-loam soils in a meso-Mediterranean climate, and are essentially made up of a combination of almond, rosemary and lavender trees, diversified by fruit species currently being tested, such as feijoa, pomegranate and several citrus species. The rosemary and lavender trees have been harvested for oil production since 2020, and the almond trees produced their first crop of almonds this year (150 kg), all organically grown.
Visit Les Arches Castriotes - Hérault (34) - France