Plantation at Mas del Fray, Salles des Gardons

The last sowing of the season took place on 12 March 2024 at Mas del Fray, where Baron des Cévennes and Large White pigs are reared in the open air. The former are processed into sausages and the latter into fresh meat. Farmers Audrey Burban and Nicolas Villain are in charge of the entire production chain, from birth to processing and sale.

The breeding sows occupy a meadow where we have planted hedges of fruit trees (mulberry, apple, quince and pear) to feed them and protect them from the sun and wind. Under the forest, among oaks and chestnut trees, the pigs live on 5 hectares, where the work has consisted of protecting the existing trees from the pigs' attacks with ursus cactus fences.

Coming soon: some photos of these impressive animals!